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Its black, white, Mom Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brothers and sisters, Adopted, Cryo, and Natural.Punk rock, Hip hop, and anyone else capible of being in a family! Its Gay, straight, carni, veggy, fat, thin, tall and short. We are Religious Athiest Spiritual and Magical. We are a non Judgmental group of families who help each other. Heck, we help each other- Help each other. It takes a Village to raise a child and MomWow is that Village. Here at MOMWOW, we believe this with all our hearts. We all have something to give, and we all need a little help sometimes. Weather it be answering a simple question, helping you figure out the best school for your child, or where to turn when faced with economic hardship. We are here for you, and we are here for each other. We are your sisters, we are you cousins, your aunts, your grandmothers, we are your next door neighbor, your best friend. We are the mothers of the tomorrow. We are the community. We are you. We are the past that we struggled through to get where we are today, and we are the future. Together -we are an army. Are you ready?




MomWow is currently recruiting and we want YOU to join our rapidly growing team!!!!

Are you passionate about giving back to your community?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Do you have something to say, or just need a creative outlet?

Then this is where you belong, join us & Let the revolution begin!!!!

Please submit your contact info here and tell us a little about yourself.

Ask what MomWow can do for you, AND ask what you can do for MomWow. Recruiting

MomWow is a Nonprofit organization who is in the practice of “helping families Help each other.

- At this point, we offer an exchange of goods and services for goods and services, Or for free.
- We have a website Http:// Offering advice, and references to all sorts of

- Governmentaid and Financial assistance

- Food Banks
- Resources on the Internet where you can find people giving free things away Or selling them for dirt cheap.
- A list of up and running thrift stores that will be happy to sell you the things you need used at a very very low rate.
- has a wonderful section of columns written by our amazing columnists just to let you know that you are not alone out there. There are others out there like you, and no matter what, as long as you are trying, You are doing a great job

- We have so many Big plans for this Community, But we can’t do it alone.

Here at, we believe we as a community form an army.
Everyone has something to give.
Whether you do physical foot to the pavement work, or writing or organizing on the Internet.
We do not require that you do anything if you don’t wish to, But we would love the help if you feel like you have something to offer.

Here are some things we are looking for help with.

  • - Ideas- If you think wearen’t living up to our potential, as a community, and you have an idea about something we can do to help people,Please bring it to our attention! If it is within our power, we would love to help you bring your notion to life!
  • Teacher-Everyone knows about something. We want you to write Or teach about that thing. Weather it be Cooking, Cleaning, Great Websites, Money, Babies, Teenagers, The elderly, Crafting, You get the point. We want people who know about things to teach our people about things. from blogs, to video tutorials, Or real life workshops We crave whats in your brain. Like some sort of messed up knowledge zombie.
  • Social Media Guru- Running MomWow is awesome. And we want everyone to be able to get access to everything we offer all the time! That means seeking out and acquiring followers, it means reblogging, posting some of your own things, and Basically representing us as a group. Don’t worry, you wont be alone either. Every media outlet will have several admins, Including Carolyn and myself. It just becomes a bit much to do all the time, By ourselves.
  • Heads of State- This is a major opportunity to bring MomWow out your way! So far, we are just up and Crawling in Massachusetts,as a baby business, But we want to GROW like every baby. The plan is to take what we have going on in the Menu at the top of www.momwow.organd close all that stuff into a tab called Massachusetts- and then divide us into region. Sort of the way Craigslist does things, But with resources calendars, and such for each state and  it’s regions you don’t wish to take on an entire state, You can be head of your region or even admin for your town.Listen, We are as new to this as you are. But we are trying to start a revolution here. Please consider Bringing MomWow to your state!
  • Food Doners- With the recent cuts in welfare, We plan to Food drive as much as we can. We want to provide families with Food, and nourishment. If You or anyone you know, would like to contribute, We would love to take and distribute your offerings to families in need.
  • Donations of Clothing, furniture or home goods. Baby or grown up. People often forget that MomWow Is not exclusively for babies. We are for FAMILIES, and anything you give to the families of momwow, You can feel safe knowing it’s going to a good cause, and that we are here for you too if ever you need us.
  • Bartering services- Do you need a babysitter, and happen to be a plumber? Do you need a plumber and have nothing going on and maybe your kid could use a play date? I think this explains itself. There are lots of things that people can barter. Everyone has something to give.
  • Dads- MomWow is not for women exclusively. We all need each other to function in the way that this group needs to run. I know, I know.. Poor name choice. But We are working hard to get more dads on the team. From writing, to helping We need you Daddies,  And think of all the things That the People in this group could help YOU out with!
  • A scout troop- So yeah, We kinda want to start something like a scouts troop.  At the very least some kind of amazing group for the kids to do wholesome  activities and learn life skills with each other and learn the trades our grandparents knew. We are interested in finding people interested in doing that.
  • Allied websites- We wanna be Sister Sites with Your like minded Website! We Want to be BFFs and trade Links and stuff! Lets pin each others pins on Pinterest! Lets do all that stuff and more. In other words, MomWow wants to get with you, and show you off around town, and we want you to do that to us too!
  • Badge designer- I want our group to have badges to show how awesome everyone is, and in what ways exactly. I am an artist myself, But Im drawing a blank on this one. Get it? DRAWING a blank.. whatever I’m taking care of a sick baby and Im sleepy.
  • Website designer and seo specialist- Basically, We need people who Know lots more about the intarwebz than we do. Theres so much we can do with this site, and I have no intention of not getting things done because I’m foolish enough to try to wait till I  learn them myself.
  • Space doner- We want to have events! We want to have them at your place, for a reduced or free rate! We are more than willing to work out anything you think we might be able to do for you in exchange for this space.
  • Event organizer- As I stated above. We want to have events! We need people to think up and organize these events! Party Planners in tha House say Hooooo!
  • Delivery services- Lets work something out with people with trucks, to help people who need they’re newly acquired things to their homes!
  • Interactive web designer we want this website to be very interactive. Like, users, passwords, Listings, Classifieds. et cetera. Here again, we need more skilled web designers than ourselves.
Anyways, That’s all I’ve got for now, But I’m sure there will be more to come! Keep in touch! and keep an eye on this page, and remember to write us or comment here if you think you know of some way we can do something awesome that we have missed thus far.
Thanks a million people!
Hope to see ya on the backside of the website!
Keri and Carolyn

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